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STEP 1. In this step we're gonna draw the basic lines. Start with a circle for the head, and draw 2 lines to help yourself with the placement of the eyes. Then draw the outline for the mane. Next, draw the weird shape I drew. It's going to be the growling mouth. At last, draw 2 basic circles for the ears.   STEP 2. In this step we're going to start with the eye and the mouth. The eye is easy; draw an oval and draw a circle in it. Draw the eyebrow just like I did, or design your own eyebrow. Draw the nose just like where I drawed it. The lip is just underneath the nose, and looks just like the lip of a dog. When you're finished with these steps, draw the teeth. They has to be in the corner of the jaw. In my drawing, the end of the teeth are in the middle of the weird shape, but you can make them longer or shorter if you want. Don't make them too long, because then it wouldn't look real anymore.   STEP 3. Now we're going to draw the other jaw. This is a small step, but it's still the hardest part in my opinion. Let's start with the lip again. It has to be about 1.5 centimetres above the sketched line. Be aware that the sketched line actually is the underside of the jaw. The shape you color black is the inner side of the mouth. The left tooth isn't so hard to draw. Make it as long as the other teeth you've already drawn. Now we're gonna draw the right tooth. Sketch the tooth, and then color the left side black. Leave the right side white. The root of the hair isn't hard to draw. If you've drawed tribal before, it should be a piece of cake. Be sure that it's pointy, and that it's thin on the outside and fat on the inside. The lines between the nose and the eye are wrinkles. They are necessary to make the lion look like it's snarling. Don't make them to fat, that would ruin the painting   STEP 4. This is the last step. It's a huge but easy step. If you've draw the hair roots in step 3 correctly, then it should be very easy to draw the hair. If it's still hard to you, I would suggest to do step 5 first. It's an additional step to learn how to draw the hair. The right eye is the same as the left one. Be sure that they're at the same height (I know I did that wrong), and that the right eye is a little bit smaller. Draw the shadow of the wrinkles on the right cheek. When this is finished, we're going on with the ears. The left ear is completely white. The only black you see is the inner side, and an outer line. Don't make the outer line to fat either! The right ear on the other hand is black. The inner side of the ear is white, just like the back. Make sure the ears are pointing outside. Now you're finished with How To Draw This Tribal Lion   STEP 5. ADDITIONAL! This step gives extra information about drawing the hair. It's because you can use this technique for other tribal art (like flames) too. In the left drawing, you see that the hair basically is made from 4 of the same shapes. You can draw them by making an elongated 'S', as shown in the right side of the picture. Putting 2 elongated S'es next to each other makes this shape, as shown in picture 2 and 3.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.