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STEP 1. Draw a circle for Vicky head and add the facial guidelines. Next sketch out the jaw line and then draw her very narrow body shape and attach the arm, and leg guidelines as you see here.   STEP 2. The first thing you will do here is draw out the shape of Vicky's head and face. When that is done you can draw the circle shapes for her eyes, and then the pupils. Add three eyelashes on both eyes, and then draw in her one eyebrow on the left side. Add a pointed nose, and then the shape of her ear. When that is done you can go ahead and sketch out her messy looking hairstyle which happens to be in a simple low hanging ponytail.   STEP 3. Draw the other eyebrow, and then color them both in. You will now draw out the shape of her evil mouth and or evil grin. Notice how she is exposing her teeth. Vicky also has a top and bottom lip shape so that needs to be drawn in as well. Add a swirl inside of her ear for detail, and you're ready to move to the next step.   STEP 4. Draw the shape of her body and then draw her arms, and folded hands like you see here. Add a belt and then move to the next step.   STEP 5. You have made it to your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw her long skinny legs and her feet. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and move to the final step.   STEP 6. Vicky the babysitter is all drawn out and ready to be colored in. I hope you had fun drawing on of Nickelodeon's classic characters. Be sure to try out the other tutorials on Timmy Turner, Wanda, and Cosmo.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.