How to Draw a Cute Bear

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STEP 1. As with the other cute animals, this bear has a huge shape for a head. You will draw a circle and then the facial guidelines. Once that is done youc an draw the shape of his body, and then add the limb guidelines.   STEP 2. Start sketching out the entire fluffy head shape as you see here. You will also need to draw the ears, and then make sure that the bears coat covers his whole body.   STEP 3. You will now detail inside of the ears, and then draw out the big saucer shaped eyes. When that is done you can color them in leaving behind the pupils for expression. Add the eyebrows, and small bride for his nose.   STEP 4. Draw in the nose, and then draw the mouth that attaches. Give this adorable bear a chin line, and then sketch out the front part f his body including the back legs, claws, and arms.   STEP 5. Well folks this is your last drawing step. All you need to do now is draw out the rest of his body which is the back en. Add some detailing to the bottom of his foot. and then draw claws on the front paws. Erase all the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one.   STEP 6. Here he is. Your very own cute cuddley bear. I hope you had a blast drawing him out, I know I did. Color in the bear to a shade of your chose, and then you have a completed version of a cute bear.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.