How to Draw Poseidon

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STEP 1. Start out by drawing the shape of his head and then add the facial guidelines. Almost every first step starts out the same if you are going to be drawing a figure of some sorts. You will then draw another larger circle for his chest or torso, and then add the upper arm shapes. Lastly, draw the long slightly curved in line for his tail, and then the arms.   STEP 2. Sketch out the shape of his face and draw in the shapes of void looking eyes. When that is done you can begin sketching out his semi long straight hair style that is swooshing in the water as hair would naturally do. Add the strand lines for texture and volume.   STEP 3. Finish sketching out his long hair, and then draw in his full long beard that covers most of hsi face. Poseidon has a very serious looking face so be sure that you convey that through your drawing technique. Next sketch in his golden crown, and then draw the right shoulder.   STEP 4. Continue to sketch out his upper body making sure that he is pretty buff. The arms should look strong and well defined, and the chest should be chiselled and perfect. When you have completed this step you can proceed on to the next.   STEP 5. Almost done gang! Sketch out his hands fingers and all, and then draw in his three tipped triton. Once that is all set, you can sketch out the abs and detail his body some, and then begin sketching out his very bold looking merman tail.   STEP 6. Your last drawing step just entails finishing off the tail, and then sketching in the tail fin. Add some detailing lines on the tail body, and on the fin. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 7. You are now done with this drawing. I hope you loved sketching out Poseidon just as much as I did. Color him in to make him look even stronger then ever. Great work guys, and keep on practicing to become greater then what you are now.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.