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STEP 1. Drawing Shakespeare is going to be rather easy I think. Start with a circle for the head, and top half of his face. Next sketch out the structure of the face which includes cheeks, chin, and jaw line. Lastly draw the shoulder lines.   STEP 2. You will now sketch out the shapes of his eyes using the guidelines you drew in step one as a guide. Notice how the arched lines are for his lids, not eyebrows. Shakespeare had deep sockets.   STEP 3. You will now fill in the eye holes by drawing the eyeballs. Next sketch out his nose, and then be sure to add the flare. You will also need to draw the mouth line too.   STEP 4. Here you will start sketching out his hair and beard. As you can see his hair thins at the top of his head, and then bushes out at the sides and flares out at the ends. Sketch the shape of his mustache and beard, and then draw in his lip lines. When drawing the facial hair and such, be sure that the lining is sketchy looking.   STEP 5. Color in his eyes, sketch his right ear and earring, and then sketch the overcoat he is wearing which looks to be very thick. You will also need to sketch out the coat collar as you see it here. Stay focused, and take your time to ensure that your drawing of the Bard is done with patience.   STEP 6. For you last drawing step you will need to add texture by shading in parts of his face like the eyes, cheeks, and side of his nose, and then you will also need to shade in his hair and beard as well as his coat.   STEP 7. Here is what your sketch should look like as soon as you are done. No need to color him in because this is just a portrait sketch and you learned how to draw Shakespeare step by step. Good job ya'll!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.