How to Draw John Lennon

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STEP 1. You will start this advanced portrait sketch of John Lennon by drawing two shapes that will make a frame for his head and face shape when united. Once the shapes are drawn and joined, you can go ahead and add the facial guidelines.   STEP 2. Next, use the guidelines you drew in step one as a guide to sketch out Lennon's eyes in a symmetrical way. The top lids will also need to be drawn in, and when you are done with that, you can then sketch out his very prominent nose that is almost in the shape of a bird's beak.   STEP 3. Sketch out the round framing for his glasses, and then sketch in his eyes which consists of the iris, and eyeball. You will then sketch out the shape of his thin lips both to and bottom until his mouth looks like he has a pleasant smile.   STEP 4. Now is the time that you will start sketching out the shape of John's face, hair style, neck, and shoulders. Start by sketching his facial structure like you see here. The jawline is semi squared opposed to being completely round. When his face is sketched out you can proceed onto sketching out his eyebrows which are sort of thick, the nose guard of his eyeglasses, and the side brackets that go over your ears for the glasses. Next begin to slowly sketch out the shape and hairstyle of his do. There are some pieces of bangs that rest on his forehead, and one side of his hairstyle is a bit bushier then the other. This is the look that guys where wearing back in the sixties. Don't forget to sketch in the texture to his hair by adding some thin strand lines. Once his hair is situated, you can then sketch out his neck, shoulders, and sleeve or shirt lines.   STEP 5. Sketch in some more texture definition and detail to his hair, and then move to the next step to start the shading process, and to turn this drawing into a portrait.   STEP 6. The right side of his face has darker shading because of the amount of light that is hitting the right side of John's face. Add the shading as you see it here, and then move to the next step. Take your time, don't rush. If you are taking time out of your day to attempt this portrait of John Lennon, then the least you can do is move slowly through the steps.   STEP 7. The left side of Lennon's face has a much lighter texture shade going on. This is because his face is getting more light on the right. Once you add the shading, you can then add more detailed shading to his neck.   STEP 8. Now all you have to do to finish off this sketched drawing is add some shading to his forehead and end pieces of his bangs. Once that is done you can erase the guidelines and shapes that are visible. The erasing process should actually take place before you start shading in your portraits face.   STEP 9. After all is said and done, your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. No need to color him in because he is a sketched portrait. I hope you had fun learning how to draw John Lennon, step by step. That was hard work wasn't it?   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.