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STEP 1. Bella's head is bigger then the other two chibis I submitted. You will draw the shape of her head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the shape of her body, and then move to the next step.   STEP 2. You will now draw out the thick, dark lining for her eyes, and as you can see I drew a fin like design for the ends of her lashes.   STEP 3. Draw the shape of Bella's chibi face, and then draw in her eyeballs and pupils. Next sketch out the lining of her hair that frames her face.   STEP 4. As you can see, Bella is coming along very nicely. In this step you will start focusing on the flow of the hair. We want Bella's hair to have the curly long look from the first movie, Twilight. In the movie, she wears a thin headband that adds a innocence to her face. Make sure you sketch out the remaining details of her face. You want this chibi Bella to look angsty.   STEP 5. Ok, here I drew her in a hoodie. In the movie she wears a hoodie in several parts. I wanted to keep the real essence of 'Bella' within this chibi version. Sketch out the hoodie. The lines and details should remain within the guidelines you drew in Step 1.   STEP 6. Alright, this is pretty much the easiest step. Here you will sketch out the small legs to complete the body. Most chibis have no detailing for feet. However, it is up to the artist to stylize how their chibis should look. You can mix and match the details of the anatomy as long as the essence of a 'chibi' is there. Are you ready for the finished line art? A lot of erasing will be involved.   STEP 7. I hope you have your erasers ready because it's time to erase a lot of details. The lines from step 1 should only be erased from the drawing. As you can see, while you progressed with the step starting from Step 2, the lines from Step 1 turned grey. Those lines are the lines you must erase to have your drawing clean. I hope you enjoyed this lesson! I really had fun drawing chibi Bella during my Livestream two days ago. Thanks a lot for viewing and don't forget to comment and rate.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.