How to Draw a Cyborg

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STEP 1. This is not a tutorial step, I just thought I would show you a few different types of cyborgs and the types of hands that some of these science fiction creatures have. This sketch came out awesome and I had some good inspiration for the designs.   STEP 2. Here is just a quick reference on how the frames should be drawn for the different types of forms for your cyborg that you want to draw.   STEP 3. This is just some more analasist on the different parts and joint for your cyborg creation that you will be drawing. I talk about some cool cyborg, and drawing related things that may help you draw your robot better.   STEP 4. This is the last tip before we get to the actual tutorial. I talk about how shading is important when objects overlay each other like you see the shoulder spears here.   STEP 5. This is the first step, and as you see it is very similar to other steps that are based on human figures. Start by drawing the heads, and then add the facial guidelines. Sketch out the torso shapes, and then draw the hips, and limb lines and shapes.   STEP 6. You will start sketching in the faces to both cyborgs in the sketch. As you can see I tried to draw one half of each face to look human, and the other half look like a robot. Once that faces are sketch out, add the detailing line work that structures your robots. The female cyborg has these spiked horns that go around the rim of the head as you see here. I tried creating a unique looking sci-fi character.   STEP 7. You will first work on the chibi cyborg, and you will start by sketching out the eyes, teeth for both the skeletal side and the human side, draw a few strands of hair, and then begin sketching out the clothing and bionic arm. As for the female, you will finish sketching out the bone like horns around the head. Add some detailing to her face, and then draw in the mouth. Start sketching the shoulder spears or armor that I designed for her in layers. Once that is done, you can sketch out the breasts.   STEP 8. The other side of the chibi cyborg's head is going to sketched out to look like robot spider arms that have arrow tips. There is some detailing to the legs or fingers that you will have to add. You will then sketch out the grapling hook for a hand on the chibi borg, and then add the detailing for the nuts and bolts. Draw the legs, and then draw the robot like foot. Sketch out the tubes that are attached to the back of the female cyborgs neck, and then sketch in the detailing in between her chest. Sketch out the hourglass shape of her body, and then draw the legs, and arms.   STEP 9. The small robot to the left is all done as far s drawing goes. You will work on finishing off the female cyborg. First thing you have to do is draw edge lines around each shoulder spear that is on her. You will then sketch in the detailing or definition lines all over her body. This includes her arms, chest, belly, legs, and arms.   STEP 10. This is your last drawing step. Finish off this tutorial by sketching in the hands or weapons. The hands look like weapons, which is why I said hands or weapons. You can choose to draw regular looking mechanical hands, or you can choose to do what I have done.   STEP 11. Once you cleaned up the drawing you should have two or one science fiction characters at your finger tips. I do hope you liked my creation or interpretation of a cyborg.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.