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STEP 1. Start with a circle for the head shape, and then the facial guidelines. I've also included a helpful tip that you can read, and follow.   STEP 2. Here you will begin sketching out the shape of Lil Wayne's face structure which consists of the cheeks, and jawline. Next, sketch out his nose like you see here and then the eye lines. Again, I have included a helpful tip.   STEP 3. Lil Wayne has a very expressive look on his face. You will start this step by first sketching out the eyebrows which should be sketched out to look like actual eyebrow hair. Next, begin drawing the eyes in more detail like you see here. When that is done you can add the other side of the nostril, and then begin sketching out the lining for his mouth or lips.   STEP 4. Lil Wayne has a few written tattoo's on his face. Because you are face to face with his image, the word 'fear' is on his left eyelid, the letter “C” is in between his eyes, the right eye says “God”. The letter C stands for his last name, and his mothers name which is 'Cita'. The four tear drops that is on Wayne's face is for each person that died in his family. Once you have written out the words, and drawn in the three tear drops, you will finish sketching out his mouth, and then draw the outline of his hand.   STEP 5. It's now tome to start sketching out his hairline which is almost always tied back in a bunch. Next, sketch out the shape of his ear, and neck, and then draw in the earring. Before you leave step five, you have to add some wrinkling details to his fingers, and then draw in the other tattoo that he has on each of his fingers. The big letters say "S-H-I-T", with the name Trina on his ring finger. He later tattooed a ring over the name Trina when the pair broke up.   STEP 6. Next, begin sketching out his hair, and then his hat. This is a pretty simple step, which means you should be done in no tome at all.   STEP 7. Here is where you will add all the detailing which is in the form of shading. Before yo begin this massive detailing expedition, you have to first erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Once that is done, start detailing his knit hat with vertical lines that are tight together. Next, use a cross hatching technique to add color and texture to his dreadlocks, and then add light shading around the eyes, nose, mouth, hands, neck, and ear. Keep working on the sketch until your Lil Wayne looks like the one you see here.   STEP 8. Now that you are done with this drawing of Lil Wayne, your finished image should come out looking like the one you see before you. You can choose to color him in, or leave the drawing as a colorless sketched portrait.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.