How to Draw Realistic Olive Oyl

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STEP 1. Start off with her head and body guide shapes. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then proceed to step two.   STEP 2. Use the head guide to sketch out the shape of Olive's head and face like so, then draw in the hair that will frame her face.   STEP 3. Now you can draw in her hairstyle which is combed back, but the front is parted. The hair forms into a loose, long laying bun that is tied with a pretty ribbon. Draw in some earrings and you can proceed to step four.   STEP 4. Now we can work on Olive Oyl's face. Start with sketching out her nicely shaped eyebrows, then draw in her eyes, nose and mouth. When that is done draw the neck shape and then her shoulder. Add texture detailing to her hair and around the forehead lining.   STEP 5. Now we can work on Olive's body. Draw the shape of her back and chest like you see here. Since she is looking at you from a turned pose, her back is exposed more then her frontal part. Sketch in the shape of her chest, then draw her arm, and shirt sleeve. As you can see her sleeve is rolled up in a cuff. Add definition to her back, then draw in another earring.   STEP 6. The back lining should form a nice arch that flows into her back end. When you get this part of the body right you can then begin sketching out the dress. She is wearing a simple belt around her waist as well. Add crinkle to the dress on the upper thigh area like so, then proceed to step seven.   STEP 7. Finally, line the bottom of Olive Oyl's dress with a thick trim line that flows around the base of the dress like you see here. Color in the trim and then draw in her knee, and some of her lower leg. Add detailing where needed, then erase your mistakes and guides.   STEP 8. Here is the beautiful version of Olive Oyl in her realistic form. Color in the drawing and maybe add her next to realistic Popeye.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.