How to Draw a Farm

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STEP 1. Okay, now start with a long line for the grassy nole that you will be drawing, or the farms surface. When that is done you can draw the structure of the farm, and then draw an egg shape for the future cow that will be eating some grass.   STEP 2. Draw one side of the barn's structure like so, and then draw lines for the top part of the barn as well. Next, draw the water line for the pond, and then begin sketching out the very simple shape for your cow.   STEP 3. Okay, draw the grass or land line like you see here, and then sketch out the outline of the sheep to the far left. Draw some hill lines, and then finish the barns structure like so, and don't forget the small house like chimney.   STEP 4. You are coming closer to finishing your farm. All you have to do now is draw in some spots for the cow, as well as the other two legs, the tail, eyes, and ears. Also add the marking line to separate the nose from the face. Draw in the face for the sheep, and then add the boards for the barn doors.   STEP 5. For your last drawing step, all you have to do is add some scattered grass lines, and then a couple of rocks. Next, draw some windows in the barn, and then a couple of clouds like so. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 6. Now that you re done, you can begin coloring in your farm that you just drew. I hope you had fun today with this lesson on how to draw a farm.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.