How to Draw Night

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STEP 1. Are you ready to do this or what? Good, then lets get started. Start with a circle for the moon, and then draw one single line that is a bit curvy.   STEP 2. Using the horizontal guideline you drew in step one, begin sketching out the outline of various shaped pine trees or any other kind of tree of your choice. Notice how I made sure that not one single tree looks the same as the other.   STEP 3. You are almost done with this lesson. All you need to do now is draw in the pretty stars, and color them in as well as add some shading to make them look like they are glowing. Once all the stars are drawn in, you can then draw clouds the way you see them here. Take your time, and maybe add some tweaks of your own.   STEP 4. For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw in some nice detailing on the moon's surface, and then color in the trees so they are solid looking. Erase any lines you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.   STEP 5. This is how your drawing comes out when you are all done. See how incredibly easy that was. Now you have a nice night scene that can be used with virtually anything of your choice. Great work guys!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.