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STEP 1. First draw the top of his head (a kind of slanted semi circle)then draw the little ovals for his cheeks. draw the two lines on top of his head which will become his ears. Then do the line coming out of one of his cheeks which will be the top of his arm. Draw the munted oval thing which will be his other arm then the line coming from that down his body.   STEP 2. Now complete the rest of his ears and the bottom of his face. draw the rest of his arm and then draw from that arm down to his knee to form the other side of his body.   STEP 3. draw in his little fingers or claws which are just simple little spikes.Now do the tail which is kinda like a lightning bolt.   STEP 4. Draw those funny looking fat things down the bottom of his body which could be his bum i suppose you americans call it a fanny. anyhow, so do the beginning of his feet and you should be ready to do the face. two bubble eyes just above the cheeks and a little closer together. inbetween his eyes is his tiny noseand closely under that you can draw his mouth.   STEP 5. Cool well now you can finnish his toes and do that little squiggly line in his tail then blacken the eyes nose and tips of his ears.   STEP 6. Now just tidy your pikachu up and colour him in. Enjoy :) (To Ben - SMAAAAAAAAASHED!!)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.