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STEP 1. These 7 steps should be seen as seven sequence of events as there are only 2steps/2laws I used to draw aang. First sequence, in manga studio debut I highlight sketch layer (layer in baby blue) and do a foundation gesture sketch which is the 1 step in the 2 law/2 step method(1 law-Draw what you see, 2 law-Draw object as shapes, 1 step-lay a foundation with a gesture, 2 step-draw like putting together a puzzle). I keep in mind the 2 law when making the head, shoulders, arms, torso, legs, feet, seeing them as shapes, not just lines on paper. Now I'm ready to build on the foundation.   STEP 2. Sequence 2, I open another layer, a color one, making sure its highlighted, I draw over the sketch layer I did until I have a outline of aang. When drawing him its good to have some photo refrences so to stay on target when it comes to how he looks.   STEP 3. The next sequence is me starting to color aang. Trying to match up the colors of his costume in Manga studio. Saving those colors as a preset in the color swatch area, so I could use them again.   STEP 4. After done coloring, I use the materials propert tabe to apply tones. I use 75% and 25% elipse.   STEP 5. Almost done. I finished aang, and make a new color layer, highlight it and start drawing his kite. I makes sure I close the eye for aangs layer so I could see the kite clear to draw. When done, I move the kite layer under aangs so it looks like its behind him.   STEP 6. In my last sequence, I create a new layer, background. Color it light blue and go back to materials propert tab, select the gradients flash tone for the background and move it over the backgorund color. Im done!!!!! :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.