Drawing an Anime Head Front View in Sai

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STEP 1. Hey! Let's get on business right away. I doubt this is your first tutorial on heads but as usual start with simple guidelines. Draw a circle. It doesn't have to be a perfect one. If you do have a tablet, you can lower your eraser tool's density in SAI or opacity if you are using photoshop when doing guidelines because it will be very useful. When doing guidelines, try getting them as clean as possible. When you do the strokes with your pen, start from the line you already did and then come out from it with a new line. You will have more balance and get the cleaner guidelines.   STEP 2. Now, draw a vertical line going through the center of the circle. That will be your chin guide line. Also draw a horizontal line which is touching the circle's down pole. The horizontal line will be a guide for curving the face into the one point - chin.   STEP 3. Next, let's start shaping the face. Start with slightly curved lines from each side of the circle. The lines should be placed a little below the circle's widest left and right spot. If you can't imagine that, draw the horizontal line through the center of the circle. That way you will visualize the left and right points and then be able to go a little below them and do the face lines.   STEP 4. Alright, now, as you see in the picture, the lines I was talking about in the previous step came to the guideline you made earlier. Before you meet the lines into the chin, I reccomend making some kind of sign (a line, spot or something) for the point where the chin will be. Now, from the horizontal line make a more curved line and lead it to the ,,sign for the chin'' you made. Do the same thing on the other side. Try making the sides similar. You can check that by flipping the canvas or if you are drawing on paper go to a mirror and look at your picture. I always get surprised how silly some things look when I look at them from the different side. That is a great key to avoiding and fixing mistakes.   STEP 5. I made some minimal guidelines for the eyes, mouth and nose. Start erasing the guidelines a bit (the density eraser tool I was talking about earlier won't completely erase the guidelines but their opacity will be smaller). I tend to put the nose a bit higher. If you are new to this, try to stick to guidelines but eventually you might not even need them anymore. Since I pretty much mastered this shape, I only draw a circle to be my guideline. Draw the face features as you prefer. Since, I said it was a shoujo girl, I make big eyes with luscious eyelashes. The mouth is a simple line but you can draw it as lips if you are going for a very shoujo style ( check Peach Girl art style for that). Shoujo style is very elegant, soft and the characters have graceful features. That's why, I want my lineart (or the cleaner sketch in this case) to have really thin, flowy lines.   STEP 6. Shoujo mangas are girls mangas so characters are pretty feminine, even boys, yep. Their hair is soft and silky. Girls tend to be cute (clothes,face...) and pretty or so called bishoujo's. Also when I draw the mouth ( and this means even in my other drawings in different anime styles), I don't make a whole line for it. I rather start with a line, stop, make a space, and then finish the mouth with the other line part. So, now you just have to add hair and you are finished, ladies and gentlemen.   STEP 7. And here's my finished sketch. I did really quick coloring. If you'd like to know how I color, message me or leave your wish in the comments. Good luck and see ya. :3   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.