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STEP 1. So lets get a few guidelines. Start with a large oval for the head and throw in a few lines for the eyes. Next add a few lines for the shoulders and back. Circles and lines for the arms. Lastly a shield shape for her insignia.   STEP 2. Lets get to the main focus of the drawing, her adorable face! We'll start with the mouth and move up to the nose. Now at the eyes note that the black outline doesn't go all the way to the line. That gap is where the white of the eye is. Lastly we'll draw two long diagnol lines to indicate the hair part.   STEP 3. I forgot to mention the eyebrows last step ^^; Ok so here its all about drawing the hair. For the top part, it's simple, just a large round top. When you get to the bottom though you'll start making spiky parts of the hair. Near the face you'll draw hair that comes down in front of the face and other parts of the hair. That should do for the hair.   STEP 4. So for this part we are drawing the arm and back. So start with the arm but about halfway down a bandage breaks the deal (idk) which holds her Ltn. Insignia on it. Draw in the insignia and lets/numbers on it. Now draw her back which is stopped as well by bandages indicating the waist. Next step!   STEP 5. Now we draw in the other arm. Don't forget that folds are crucial, otherwise it looks odd and flat. Now draw in the top of the robe where her neck is. This will transend down to the chest. This was a fairly short and simple step.   STEP 6. Now we are going to finish the drawing part by adding in Kenpachi's shoulder, which i just realized I didn't put the folds in. Plz use the main picture to put those in properly. You're almost done!   STEP 7. Ok so the final step is erasing the guidelines that are useless and don't matter. After that just add some final touches and WALA! you're done. Not so bad eh? Well that's all, hope you had fun. Leave a comment ^^   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.