How to Draw Chibi Romano

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STEP 1. Sorry for the quality, my scanner always makes it too light so i had to darken it xD First I start drawing the 'body' you can give it all the poses you want so go on and experiment a bit!   STEP 2. Here I start drawing the lines where the eyes should come. I'm not very good at drawing two perfect eyes so I made one closed. I made him look pissed because he usually is. The mouth should be drawn open because he's eating; you will see it better in the end.   STEP 3. Yay the hair! You can see where you're suppose to draw the hair, it's not so hard.   STEP 4. Here I started to draw the clothes and darken the lines a bit so you can see it better, the clothes aren't that hard either. You can look for a reference to learn how to draw clothes better. I also made a little circle for the tomato.   STEP 5. Yay :D finally start erasing the lines that aren't needed anymore hopefully you guys work cleaner then I do and finish the tomato a bit. I hope it helped a few of you guys! I draw too fast I know. Thanks for viewing! :D   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.