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STEP 1. Start this step off by drawing basic guide work to accurately draw the object. Start off with the large circle for the head base and then work your way to the rest of the body.   STEP 2. Then, draw the curly hairpiece that curves outward from the tip of her forehead. This should be paid attention to since drawing this part of the hair can cause mishaps.   STEP 3. This was probably my favorite part of drawing Wanda. Start with her eyes first and then the nose to the mouth. I find drawing the eyes avoidable to being trapped in mistakes. Pay attention to the protruding sharp edges as they may throw you off.   STEP 4. Complete her complexion by adding pupils and eyelashes. This is probably the easiest slice to cut from the cake. Drawing the rest of the detailing to the mouth shouldn't be a bother either. Feel free to start patting yourself on the back to nearly verging with victory!   STEP 5. Lastly, add her puny - simple wings and crown. Complete small details in order to create the final piece of learning how to draw fairly odd parents. See how easy drawing can be? I mean, sometimes you may scribble across some unwanted ditches, but things soon mingle with each other.   STEP 6. The lineart should resemble what stands before you. A graphics program and tablet can create crisp and clean lines then traditionally art supplies can. It also harmless to mix and match different medias to create a casual outcome. I really hope this tutorial helped you learn how to draw Fairly Odd Parents. Don't forget to checkout the other tutorial of Cosmo and Timmy! Thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.