How to Color Line Art in 3-D

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STEP 1. This is not actually a step,but it is a tutorial for your 3-D picture.It can work on anything,ANYTHING! (The Yoshi picture was easy)   STEP 2. Use the pen tool to create a path. Each path should be a color,e.g Yoshi's nose should be one path,the eyes should be a path each,etc. (Don't color yet!)And,make sure you set it to paths. You can do so by clicking the button in the options bar after you have selected the tool (look at picture)   STEP 3. Now,time for the coloring!After making the path click "fill path" but color on separate layers,or else the shading will be mixed up.Be careful,don't even use paint bucket. Mr. bucket covers the whole line art sometimes.So use fill path instead.   STEP 4. This is a reference to help you out with the layers.And you must follow the order or else it will be the end of the world.So here are the orders: The nose layer should be on top of all the layers,the eye layers behind the nose (the left eye *Yoshi's left* should be front of the right eye),the face behind the nose layer,the spike layers behind the face layer,the whole face layer on top of the body layer,and the body layer...I wish to give more info but I guess you can find it by yourself since you get it now.   STEP 5. All done! Here's your order,sir! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Because tutorials are magic. ;)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.