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STEP 1. Okay so first draw a large circle for his head. Add some guidelines for his eyes and add part of his beak. Draw a line down his neck and add a sort of circle for his body. Add tow circles for his arms and a semi circle for his tail. Finally draw out his legs.   STEP 2. Now draw tow large circles for his eyes along the guidelines. Add a part of his beak and draw some feathers on his face and neck.   STEP 3. Okay now add some more feathers to his head, arms, and body. This is what th tut mainly consists of, feathers.   STEP 4. Now finish off his head with, you guessed it, more feathers. Add more feathers along his body. Finish off his mouth and beak. Finally add his tail and part of his hands.   STEP 5. Now add a bit of feathers sticking out of his head. Add some details to the legs and add his feet. Finally draw out his hands and add more feathers.   STEP 6. That's it you're done! Now colour him in and you have a pic of big bird! I hope you enjoyed this tut! I've got fill out my other requests, so keep an eye out for my next tuts!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.