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STEP 1. This First step will define the shape of your character. Start with the shape of his head then his neck and collar. Draw his left shoulder and elbow as well and his right arm and hand. Draw the outline of his shorts and legs. Now draw the toe of his boots.   STEP 2. Now Draw his hair which is quite spikey and then draw the line that connects his collar on his shirt. Draw the buckle and outline of the left hand side of his shirt as well as the lines for his arm.   STEP 3. This step is a little difficult and I'm to blame for that. lets start with finishing the hand thats holding the sword. after you've connected the hand draw the lines for the handle and then the tassals. Next draw the hand with the clenched fist, for that you'll need to draw the basic outline for his gauntlet then draw his fist. Now draw his socks, the top of his shoes and also the souls on the bottom of the boots. You'll now be able to draw the outline of his sword.   STEP 4. This step is just about filling in the detail. Start with his hand and draw the series of little circles then trim. then find the centre of the shirt and draw the large buckle. follow down draw the cross then the trim of his shirt. Theres another buckle to be drawn on the right hand side which would be his left. Draw the three diamond shapes and then his little chain. Then draw the last of the sword and finish his boots with the laces and circles.   STEP 5. Its funny i did so badly on the Jecht symbol in his shorts because i have it tattoo'd on my back. I'll have to practice and to a tut on it. Anyway draw the symbol and the crossing lace on the inside of the leg. Again the symbol on the necklace and then you can draw in the bubbly chibi eyes and the mouth is pretty straight forward.   STEP 6. Now if you were patiant with my cruddy instructions your character should look something like this. Give your little guy a tidy up then colour him in. I hope you anjoyed this tutorial :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.