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STEP 1. First, draw a large circle for the base of the head. Make sure you proportionally draw the circle so that everything will come out accurately. Draw a wire guide for the mouth and neck.   STEP 2. Begin, drawing some of the facial details for the zombie. I suggest starting off by drawing the eyes and base of the head. Once you've completed that, work on drawing the ridge of the nose. As you can see, the nose is decaying which is why it's sharp and thin. Don't forget to draw in the mouth.   STEP 3. Next, draw the eyes and the ridges that lay beneath them. Add a dividing line that separates the face from the shadow. Draw in the nostrils and the ridge of the cheekbone. Finish off the collar of the shirt and and the shirt itself.   STEP 4. Then, draw the large wound that covers the midsection of the forehead. Add in the teeth as well. See how the guidelines support the alignment of the teeth? Draw the second set of the teeth as well. Take your time and slowly add in bits of details to the baggy eyes and brows.   STEP 5. Next, add some remaining details that will spice up the zombie. Don't worry, the zombie looks a little constipated and bland but you'll get to the fun part shortly!   STEP 6. Lastly, shade in all the areas shown above. This will make a dark, eerie presence like the cover picture of the tutorial. I know for a fact that pencil shading looks much better then the vector type line art shown below. I prefer using charcoal for the dark shading.   STEP 7. Finally, the piece of cake is completed! As you can see here, the line art looks much different then the tutorial image. I wanted to make this line art very simple yet cool looking. Pencil shading would make this much better! The painting of the actual tutorial took me around four hours to finish. I'm really proud to have successfully paint it the way it was in the Resident Evil cover. Drawing Resident Evil can be very easy! Once you've tried this tutorial out, you'll have thrills to draw the other Resident Evil characters! Peace out and enjoy this tutorial! Don't forget to comment and rate!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.