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STEP 1. Are you ready to draw Korra? Good, let's start then. Start by making a circle for the head, and then draw the shape of her torso, and buttocks. Next, add some lines for her limbs to those shapes you just drew and make sure one of them is a neck line.   STEP 2. You can now start sketching out her head shape, and the shape of style of her hair which is from the back view. Don't forget to draw the shape of her face too.   STEP 3. Like I said before, you are drawing Korra from the back view so all you are going to be making, is her rear body shape. Now it's time to get her shoulders, arms, and back drawn out like you see here. There is no sleeves, instead you have to draw the toned shape of her arms, and her waistline should look slender or curvy.   STEP 4. Add detailing and definition to her back which consists of the indentation of her back arch, and the bones for her shoulder blades. When that is done, draw her ponytail, and her ear, and then add the arm bands like so. Lastly, draw the lining for her clothing, and add some shape to define the bottom part of her butt.   STEP 5. You are almost done, just a little more to go. Finish sketching out her arms, and clenched fists, and then add the shag at the bottom of her clothing like so. Next, begin sketching out the baggy pants she is wearing and then draw in the rest of her very tribal looking armband.   STEP 6. For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw out the remainder of her pants, and then her boots like so. Add a fold over her boots, and then start erasing the lines and shapes you drew in step one.   STEP 7. This is how Korra looks when you are all done. It's now time to color her in. I hope you had fun, and remember, I will do another tutorial on this new Avatar when her face is released. Peace!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.