How to Draw Reborn

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STEP 1. You begin with the base-lines from head, body, hair and ear.   STEP 2. Now you draw the hat and the left part of the hair. You also add the first arm with hand and the typical Arcobaleno Pacifier.   STEP 3. You continue with drawing the pistol and his other hand. Very important to add is the hair-spiral in front of his ear.   STEP 4. This is the step where you have to add the face. Two big eyes, one little nose, a simple mouth and a little oval on his cheek. Now you also could draw his hair dark.   STEP 5. You could finish your drawing with color or shade it. Don't forget to add the little shroud with the beginning of a cravat above his pacifier. Finish :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.