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STEP 1. Before we begin this lesson, I would like to show you the many ways to add “motion” to your ball. Drawing balls can be very easy; all it is a simple circle. But if you really think about it, what's good of a ball without any type of showing “visual motion”? Here are a few examples of the different ways to make your ball “pop” and have some kind of exciting motion. These sketchy looking lines that are trailing behind the balls, give them a sense of swift motion. It also shows where it stands between gravity and inertia. Add these trails to areas where your ball is heading. It's very important to have some type of artistic indication of acceleration.   STEP 2. Start off with a simple circle for the base of the ball. No matter what view your viewing a ball, it will always appear a perfect circle. A cool trick to make a perfect circle is by using a compass or by hand. Take a pencil and place it directly in the center of the paper. Turn the paper clockwise slowly until the pencil creates a perfect circle. You must keep the pencil steady at all times in order to create this effect.   STEP 3. Finish off the ball with any type of design. Here I have a basketball design for this particular object. You could probably add some tribal tattoos or some kind of cartoon face. Mix and match different styles and see what you come up with.   STEP 4. Here the lineart bestows upon your presence. As you can see, it can be very easy to draw a ball. It is simply a circle with some artistic indication of movement. Like I said in Step 1, adding speed lines really make a ball bleed through it's movement and acceleration. I have to go now, I'll be submitting more lessons on cool objects later on!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.