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STEP 1. Like in my previous tutorial on how to draw the ocean; start this step off by drawing the horizon line. Of course we want to attract the viewers attention towards the oceanic area of this landscape; so I simply cut off most of the sky view. Draw a long curved line that will split the water from the ground.   STEP 2. Here you'll want to draw the dividing point of the land and sea. Start sketching out the waves that flush with the sand. Once you move your way up to the vanishing point, draw a few rocks to give the landscape a more "oceanic feeling". To give this view a vast look, add a hill-like structure in the distance.   STEP 3. Lastly, draw the foamy area that surrounds the waves. Drawing this will of course add realism to your oceanic scene. Sketch some detailing on the rocks so you have unity with the amount of detailing encrypted in waves. Feel free to add some extra sand dunes meshed with some grass. Don't leave your sea bare! You could possibly add some crabs scuttling into the water!   STEP 4. If you followed this tutorial correctly, your drawing should resemble this. Erase the guidelines that was denoted in gray, and you should be set to start polishing! Get a nice inking pen (preferably Microns) and start inking out your sea drawing! Adding a few colors would give this drawing a nice look. Another cool idea, is to add a character that's grazing upon the vast ocean. There's so many possibilities that it's mind bottling. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.