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STEP 1. First, start off with drawing a simple guideline in the shape of a "Z". This should make things easier to draw the logo. Don't forget to add the guidelines for the rest of the letters.   STEP 2. Next, work on drawing the first side of the "Z". This means drawing the left side first and work your way around to the right side. Be keen of the areas that have jagged edges!   STEP 3. Then, simply draw the two letters "E" and "V" to move towards completing the logo. The "E" may look like a three, so don't get confused!   STEP 4. Lastly, finish the rest of the letters. Make sure the "3" is a bit larger then the rest of the letters.   STEP 5. Here's the line art, this is what your drawing should resemble. If you have made any mistakes, you can retry the tutorial to fix them. Thanks for viewing this tutorial and good luck!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.