How to Draw Yogi Bear

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STEP 1. First, begin drawing the basic guidelines for the body of Yogi. Once you've drawing the guidelines, it's suggested to make sure you're using a light sketching pencil so it's erasable.   STEP 2. Next, work on drawing the basics for Yogi. Sketch out the arms and face first, and then onwards to the arms.   STEP 3. Then, work on drawing the inner facial details that give emotion to Yogi's face. Don't forget to add the tie as well. Once you've completed that, work on drawing the sides and hands to finish off his torso.   STEP 4. Finish off the last step by simply drawing his feet. This should be too hard!   STEP 5. Here is what your lines should slightly resemble to. If you've gotten discouraged halfway through, then don't worry about this. Sometimes, people don't use the tutorial and use the lines to draw from photographically. Thanks for viewing folks!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.