How to Draw a Griffon

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STEP 1. First, start off the very basic guidelines for the tutorial. Take your time drawing these guidelines because in the end, they'll be of great help. Start off your adventure by drawing the three large circles. Once completed, work on drawing the large shapes for the wings. Lay out your guidelines exactly like shown.   STEP 2. Next, draw the outside details for the face of the griffon. It's important to draw this first before you draw the rest of the body. Once you've finished off what has to be done with the head, draw a hint of the foreleg.   STEP 3. Then, begin finishing off the face and ears for your griffon. The fur on the top should be started once you've completed the facial details. Once you've completed what's been said, work on finishing off the forelegs and the beginning of the hindleg.   STEP 4. Then, finish drawing the underfur where the neck and head join. Finish off the backside of the hindleg and start shaping up the wings. It's important to know the basic anatomy of bird wings. If you need guidance, type into the DragoArt search for "how to draw wings".   STEP 5. Then, finish off drawing the extra details to the griffin. You can customize any type of tail, maybe a fluffy cat's tail. Know the morals of your griffon before you actually start designing the appearance. For instance, a destructive griffon would have sharp and intimidating features. It's all based on the artist's point of view of their fantasy creature.   STEP 6. Once you've double checked your proportions and anatomy, this is what your griffon should resemble. Make sure to see if the anatomy is correct. I really hope this tutorial has done some good! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.