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STEP 1. The first step is pretty simple. Here, we will draw the skull, chest and hips and the line of action. Remember to draw them lightly, because you won't be keeping them there!   STEP 2. Flesh out the body and connect the pieces together. Remember to raise the line between the chest and hips to form the back. Once you are happy with your body, loosely sketch in the bases of all four legs as shown.   STEP 3. Now it will be getting a little complicated. Draw a circular shape in the head to show where the eye will be. Shorten the snout and draw a line for the mouth. At the back of the head, draw the curve for the bottom of the jaw. After you are happy with how your head looks, move on to the arms and legs. To show that this dragon is not a stick figure, thicken up the limbs so you know where to draw the muscle later on. Don't worry about the claws- we'll get onto them later on. When you are done with the arms and legs, lightly pencil in the base of the wing. I decided to give my dragon some extra leather on the side to help during flight.   STEP 4. Erase all the lines you don't need, but don't erase the lines of the wing- you still need them. Draw the feet and hands attached to the legs and arms to enable your dragon to walk. Draw the nostrils and the eye on your dragon so that it can smell and see. When you think your head, hands and feet are acceptable, add flesh to the wing. Again, muscles aren't important yet. Add some leathery skin in between the fingers of the wing so your dragon has the ability of flight.   STEP 5. Erase the construction lines on the wing. Now for my favorite part: Details! Now you can draw the muscle on your dragon. But don't go overboard- you can show muscle without making your dragon look underfed if you are using shading. Parts on a dragon can be endless! You can put spines, spikes, frills,fur, horns and even feathers pretty much anywhere! It's up to you whether you want a soft, cuddly creature or a dangerous and deadly dragon of death! I like to give my dragons all two horns, two ears and a line of something down their back. For this little beastie, I used segmented horns, small, laid back ears and little spikes down his back. I also put a layer of skin of the joining up to the arm (You might have noticed that my dragon is missing his other wing!). Have fun decorating your dragon!   STEP 6. This is my whole dragon at the end of the tutorial, with no flaws,except for one missing wing, and no mistakes. Thanks for drawing my dragon!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.