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STEP 1. Here I break down the anatomy of the outer ear. By understanding what you're drawing, it'll be much easier to hone accuracy.   STEP 2. Ever wonder how to draw an ear and an earing? I used to draw them looped over the ear where it looked ridiculous. I believe there's a tutorial on here that features this faulty. Anyways, 1. An earing loops and from this view, you should see a backside from the other side of the earring. 2. The earring is "piercing" through the skin; making a piece of skin extend from the earring will make this believable.   STEP 3. Lets get started. Start by drawing a large oval shape like you see here. It also looks like an egg.   STEP 4. So now you will begin sketching out the actual shape of the ear's lining. Keep in mind that the shape or edge line of an ear should be naturally uneven, or wavy. This is because the edge of our ears is nothing more then a flexible bone like mass called cartilage.   STEP 5. Now you will begin adding the ribbing that actual makes the inner detailing of the human ear. Another awesome fact, our ears are always going to look different from other ears. In other words, there is not a set or pair of ears that looks the same as somebody else's, almost like animal spots or stripes.   STEP 6. Now to finish off your ear, all you have to do is sketch in the rest of the inner antitragus which is what you see in red. Once that is all done, you can erase the circle you drew in step one as a guide, and then clean up the drawing a bit more.   STEP 7. Here is what your newly drawn ear looks like when you are all done. All you have to do now is color it in, or you can leave it as you see the ear here.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.