How to Draw a Baby Robin

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STEP 1. ok the first step is to draw a basic outline. start with the body, head and the beak. just lightly sketch this part   STEP 2. next were going to be adding the details. start of with the eyes and the fluff of feathers at the top of the birds head. also draw a line going down from the chest to make the wing.   STEP 3. now in this step where going to be adding some more detail. define some of the feathers on top of the birds head and below. also lightly sketch out some fluff of feathers on the chest area. add some lines for the wings   STEP 4. okay next, add some lines to the beak to make it more solid looking. now draw some semi-circles to define the feathers. take your time on this part   STEP 5. now just start sketching out necassary details. add little details also to the wing. you can now move onto the next and final step...   STEP 6. finally rub out all the guidelines. you can now shade it in or colour it, up to you:) hope you enjoyed it   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.