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STEP 1. You know the drill folks! Always start with the basic framework for your chibi professor Snape! You know, if you messed up his rather greasy hair, he'll pop a wand in yo' face! Start with a simple guideline for the face by drawing a large circle. To draw a perfect circle, get a compass and slowly turn it around to get a desired circle. Use a ruler for all the straight guides. Once done, draw the guide base for his body.   STEP 2. Next, move onto drawing the basic expression for Snape. This is also very important to creating a depressed presence. Snape is always greeting with a frown, so it's best to give him a pus face. Arched eyebrows suit the appearance well. Keep in guide with the guide work drawn before in order to yield proportion.   STEP 3. Now, let's work on the body for our extremely cute Snape! Begin with the bangs that frame the face. If you find it best, add smaller pieces of hair relevant to the overall hairdo. Get those eyes finished and the tiny hands as well. Your a step away to completing an uberly cute Snape!   STEP 4. Alrighty folks, last step to completing the overall image of your wicked cute Harry Potter character. Sketch out the rest of the hair, and finish off the cape. Expand your artistic skills and design your own cape position if you want! It's all up to the artist!   STEP 5. Ah, see, there you have an epic bad arse Potter hater! Instead of directing your hate to Justin Bieber, direct it to Harry! Just kidding, but seriously, this is what your finished image should slightly resemble. If you're not satisfied with your completed image, retry the tutorial until you get it right. That's all peeps, have fun and good luck!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.