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STEP 1. First, start off with the basic guidelines that shape the basic build of chibi Ron Weasley. Get a compass and draw a perfect circle. I recommend using a ruler for the straight edges.   STEP 2. Next, work on the face shape of the head and beginning of the eye lids. Work on drawing the mouth as well.   STEP 3. Then, work on the rest of the eyes and the hairline. This should be worked out with patience.   STEP 4. Now, let's work on those eyebrows of Ron. Like most of my lessons, I mainly focus on the overall appearance of known characters. To capture the essence of Ron, you'll want to arch his eyebrows in a curve to get that very scared and confused face. Work on the coat he always wears unbuttoned during his schooling at Hogwarts.   STEP 5. Lastly, finish off the drawing by giving Ron some feet and hands. Without those essential body parts, he'd be a floating torso! Take your time when drawing the last step, artists tend to get lazy when they're almost finished with a drawing.   STEP 6. I hope you added freckles, because without those, you're just loosing a popular trait of Ron's! See how scared and innocent he looks? Imagine him falling into a brawl with Hermoine or even worse...Severus Snape! Anyways, I really hope you've enjoyed this lesson, I had so much fun creating the concept. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun with your new drawing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.