How to Draw a Faerie

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STEP 1. Defining the pose and draw the outline of the main ways the body. I prefer to start with the head and spine, then attach the rib cage and hips. The limbs are the latest to define, since one can always play with the location of these to give a more dynamic or striking look to the main figure. In this case, the right arm is resting on an object to make the figure more interesting.   STEP 2. volume and main features to this feeric character. Pointed ears and tiptoe give to her a supernatural look. For the anatomy, I highly recommend using references in order to properly locate areas with pronounced volume (such as breasts, hips and rear) .   STEP 3. Define the silhouette and give some touches of realism, such as waist rolls are formed by being so bent, give it to her a more “fleeshy” look. Establish general characteristics of the face.   STEP 4. Define personality. Give it to her extrange features, such a weird eyebrows and labyrinthic ears. Give her a rather disheveled hair to give it a more wild and natural look. Remember, she is not human!!   STEP 5. Add the wings. These should reflect the personality and element of the fairy. In this case, girl is a forest fairy and the wings seem to have branches and are a bit ungainly.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.