How to Draw Dragons Fighting

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STEP 1. This first step is to help give a reference of which direction the dragons will face when we add the details later. For each dragon we will need a circle or oval as it might be for the head and a larger one for the body. After you draw the two circles connect them with a line. This will serve as the spine of the dragon.   STEP 2. This step is farly simple we are just drawing the legs of the dragons. Put a circle where you want the claw to be and another one where the joint will be.   STEP 3. In this step we'll draw the outlnes of where the wings are going to be on the dragon. The lower one, is ment to be on the ground, so I drew the wings folded.   STEP 4. For this step we'll add a bit more to the dragons by adding a bit of thickness to the necks and tails.   STEP 5. Now that we have a good feel of which way the dragons faces are going to be looking, we'll draw he faces. Make sure to leave the mouths open enough if you want it them to be breathing fire.   STEP 6. The dragons are now a bit over half way done. For this step add the details to the wings.   STEP 7. Now that the wings are done its on to the legs. The legs on the bottom dragon are a bit simpler so I did them entirely in this step.   STEP 8. For the claws on the upper dragon, we'll put them inside the circles that we placed when drawing all the legs.   STEP 9. Now just add the final details such as the back spikes and the horns and your ready for the last step. The line we drew conneting the 2 circles in step 1 can help with placement of the spikes down the back.   STEP 10. They are all finished, just remove the inital lines and circles that we used for refernece during the drawing and it will be completed. As for the fire, i'll leave that up to you. I used the smuge and blur tool in CS4 to do it in that picture above.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.