How to Draw a Fantasy Villain

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STEP 1. I started a rough sketch by laying out the bone structures of the character.   STEP 2. Then I started filling out the bone structures with mass. On this stage, I do not consider making details on the muscles or his costume. What is important at this stage is to make the character's body more solid and easy to fill with details later on.   STEP 3. Detailing stage of the muscle structures. Notice that the muscles are not very detailed and somewhat sketchy and organic. Although I already know the muscle structures in details, I refrain from doing that because: 1. Detailed muscle on this early stage of drawing prevents me from unlimited ideas what to do with his outer appearance. I want to explore more on his characteristics at this stage. 2. Detailed muscle at this early stage makes the drawing STIFF.   STEP 4. And because the structure and muscle areas are already 'solid' on this stage, I had an easy control to decide what to do with his costume. It's like filling-out an empty box with wrapper that you most like. You can easily add or remove costume details because we already have a solid foundation.   STEP 5. And this is also the stage that I decided to put a mask on his face to make him more evil at the same time mysterious and dominating-looking in a fantasy world.   STEP 6. And now the fun part, putting more details on the character. Adding and removing stuff. Toying with other ideas and possibilities to make him more appealing.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.