How to Draw Brad Buttowski

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STEP 1. Ok folks, you want to draw a perfect Brad Buttowski, right? Well for starters, begin with the foundation of guidelines. Nothing too fancy, nor hard, just a few guides that will even out the proportions of the face and body.   STEP 2. Next, let's move onto drawing the essential face shape for our character. Brad has a really oval shape near the edge of the mouth, his upper part of the head is boxy in shape. I'd recommend using a ruler for this part so you can capture that 'boxy' shape accurately. The inner details like the nose, eyes, and ears have a consistent 'roundness' to theme with the face shape as well as the cartoon style.   STEP 3. Then, add eyes and the frown to give Brad his unique look. The hair is in a wavy spiked style. He has '5' spikes in his hair at all times. Finish off this step by drawing the body, keeping in tune with the guidelines we drew previously.   STEP 4. Lastly, add some finishing details. Nothing really complex to draw here folks!   STEP 5. This is the finale of your drawing experience! It can be really fun learning "how to draw Brad Buttowski"! Go ahead and color the figure or maybe post it on your wall. I hope you've enjoyed this fun lesson on drawing Brad! Thanks so much for viewing, Buttowski fans!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.