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STEP 1. So basically, when you want to start off by drawing a baby, you'll want to investigate in the concept of characterizing them. First, let's haul out the details for the types of eyes you can customize your baby with. 1. Eyes like these are the most adorable, they leave room for a semi-realistic look. The two reflected white dots, add more cuteness. 2. This is more of a realistic type of eye. 3. A cute oval button eye, would work best for large chubby faces! 4. Same as 3, but with 3 white reflection spots.   STEP 2. Now, in cartoons, you'll probably realize a curly pig tail hair. This makes your baby seem it's a klutz. You can add a patch of hair to go a bit forward to semi-realism.   STEP 3. Here's a few important details you should focus on when it comes to drawing babies. 1. By having a soft round look to the edge of the face, it will strike an appearance of youth. This is of course what you want! Babies are generally very small and chubby, but grow out as they age. 2. A cute buttony nose would suit perfectly for this baby! 3. Adding essential blush marks will give a subtle essence of cuteness that will spice up the overall drawing. You want that cute little face to be welcoming and hug-gable!   STEP 4. 1. By adding a brief line for the separation from the torso and chubby belly, you'll add a nice look! It will create a bit more logic and expose the belly more. 2. Adding swirl patterns to the edges of the major joints, will only give the baby style and character.   STEP 5. Just a few face shapes for examples, using the principles from the above tips.   STEP 6. Draw a circle for the head, and then draw the shape of the baby's body like so. When that is done just add the face lines.   STEP 7. You will now draw out the shape of the baby's head which should include the ears, Add the cute curl, and then draw out the big blubbery body outline like so.   STEP 8. Now for your eighth step you have to draw out the beginning lines for the eyes, draw the mouth, and then draw in the cute chubby arms, hands, legs, and feet. Add a diaper line, and move to step nine.   STEP 9. For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the baby Dumbo ears, finish the eyes, add the nose, eyebrows, and blush lines in her cheeks. Draw some swirls on the elbows, and knees, and then draw in the other foot, draw two dots for the nipples, and then draw the foot detailing lines to create an arch. Erase all the shapes and lines you drew in step one. This will prepare your drawing for color, or for display.   STEP 10. And here you have it, a cute, chubby baby completely drawn and ready to color. I hope you had fun drawing babies with me today, be sure to join me for another fun filled lesson next time on   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.