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STEP 1. Okay, so first, we are going to create the base of the image. This is the head, hand, and his shoulders. Try to sketch this in pencil, because you will be doing some erasing.   STEP 2. Next, we are going to sketch out the smile, air bender arrow, cape, ears, and the air that he is......well, bending. Sounds like alot? well, it's actually fairly easy! Look for guidelines on the picture, to make it easier to know where to draw what.   STEP 3. Okay, so know we are going to draw out the eyes, and eyebrows. Here, there are guidelines, to help you know what size they should be and where they should go. Also, we're going to go into more detail with the air and ears, to help it look more natural, instead of it looking like an aquard picture, aquard meaning that it doesn't make sense, or that it's missing somthing.   STEP 4. Final step! Last, but not least, we will outline the image and add wrinkle lines to his cape. Now you're done! Have a great day!:)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.