How to Draw a Cute Gryphon

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STEP 1. Before we go further and jump onto the details, you'll want to create a standard foundation for your cute gryphon. Start by drawing a circle for the head and crisscrossed lines that will proportion the facial details. Once you've flown with that, work on an egg-like shape for the body. This will cause the eye to figure out the basic shapes of the complex drawing. By eliminating the difficulty of the drawing, you'll end up with chance of a cool gryphon. If pleased, add the three lines for the frame figure of the limbs.   STEP 2. Next, before we work on the body, you'll want to frame the face. "Why", you might ask yourself. Well, most artists crash into problems when they tend to draw the eyes first and not the head. By drawing the frame of the face, you'll know exactly how to build the proportions of the inner details. For the ears, start with the base loop and work your way up to draw the rest. The fluffier the gryph looks, the more cuter, hence adorable!   STEP 3. Ha! You've made it this far *hides a laser gun behind back*. You'll want to (finally) work on the details for the inner face. You can customize your own eye types or beak styles. What if you added a long pointed beak? What if the beak was really small, therefore less prominent on the face. For now, let's jot down the standard face, this way, you'll be trained to add your own details. Don't forget to draw the body for your gryphon, keeping in mind that the body must be a bit stubby but slim at the same time. Complete this step by adding the inner details for the ears.   STEP 4. Now, here's a difficult part, mainly because of all the work that must be done. Draw the wings first, this way you'll know exactly where to place the furry hairdo on the forehead. Add the pupils for the eyes, keeping distance within the frame of the eyes you drew previously. Work on the limbs too. To let viewers know that the gryphon is in flight, the fingers and toes must have a 'curled' look to them. It needs to seem as if they're 'steering' the direction they're flying in. Finish off the beak and you're done with this step!   STEP 5. Lastly, finish off excess details that will give life and interest to the drawing. Add a cute nifty tail to complete your gryphon!   STEP 6. Ah, you've finally withstood the hard work of deserts, dragons, and hellish beasts to see the day of your victory! Here, bestows the drawing you've completed. Erase the guidelines that were denoted in grey. Complete your picture by inking the lines, steadily with Micron pens (the best pens for inking IMO). I hope you've enjoyed this lesson, peeps! Enjoy me next time for another epical tut!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.