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STEP 1. Ok artists in learning! Before we move onto major details, it's time to take part on drawing the basic shapes for Thrasher! I would recommend getting yourself a ruler for this part, just because there's a few straight edges. Start off by drawing the 'line of motion' for Thrasher. This will depict the very movement that the character is in. In this case, the pose is standard, not very interesting but good enough to get a preview on the character. Draw the shapes seen, steadily, just so you'll avoid any mistakes.   STEP 2. Next, move onto drawing the basic body frame. This will be easier if you draw the head first, and work your way down to more bulkier details. You'll realize, once you've got down the bulk of the drawing, things will be much easier.   STEP 3. Then, work on details that build the overall character. From my experience, start with drawing the eyes and the pointed bolt that locks it together. After that's done, move onto drawing the very slim arms. The hands of Thrasher are large - rectangular, so taking into consideration that the shapes must be sharp edged. Finish off by drawing the pointed shoes and the detailing in the shoulders.   STEP 4. Lastly, complete your drawing by adding characterizing traits that will single out the true form of Thrasher. Finish the inner details of his goggle eyes and the joints. Notice how the joints have socket-like bolts holding his body together. They aren't too prominent/big, so take care when drawing them. The spikes shouldn't be too long, otherwise, it'll look very strange on Thrasher.   STEP 5. Finally, the completed piece has arrived! Check your drawing for any mistakes that would distract the eye from the overall piece. Lines should be straight, clean, and perfectly aligned. I'm no superhuman, I tried my best! I hope this lesson has guided you well. It's a very standard tutorial that should give you an overall concept on "how to draw Thrasher". Thanks so much for viewing and have fun with your new drawing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.