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STEP 1. Lets begin by getting a few things out of the way. When drawing people they tend to remain an average height. When talking about drawing the human body height and distance are typically measured in 'heads'. A person is typically 7.5 heads tall.   STEP 2. Next, lets break down the face. The eyes rest about half way down the head. The hair, bangs, etc will make up for the upper portion. Dividing the remaining lower portion in half again will give you a good idea of where to place the mouth. The nose will sit typically about half way between the mouth and eyes. This is always subject to change since a nose can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   STEP 3. Drawing a person takes a lot of practice and skill, but there are ways to help keep the difficulty to a minimum. I always start with a frame. First draw a circle for the head. If your figures always end up too short, this would be a good time to count 7.5 heads down and leave a little mark for yourself. Then consider the pose of your person and draw a "S-shaped" curve extending from the head. If you can imagine it, this line represents your character's spine. Ive built two box like shapes around her shoulders and hips, each tend to be about 2 heads wide (wider shoulders in men). For now her arms and legs remain simple lines.   STEP 4. Be sure everything looks like its in the right place before continuing to this next step. It all gets easier from here. Here I've just connected her chest and hip area. Women have a natural figure 8 shape to their waists. Young girls and men wont have this. If your image is missing a little femininity you've probably overlooked this. Add circles to your character's joints. These will help us form the arm and legs.   STEP 5. Your grade school connect the dot skills are going to come in handy here. Connect each joint to one another. Keep in mind the natural form of the object you're trying to replicate. At this point Ive also quickly added lines to her face to help me plot out her face and Ive also added lines to mark out her fingers.   STEP 6. This is the stage where you can be as creative as you want. FINALLY! Here Ive marked out some block-like shapes for her clothing. You can draw him/her in whatever thrills you. I took the time to draw in her face as well. Always take your time drawing the face. Its what will give your character their personality.   STEP 7. Trace over your work on a clean piece of paper and begin to add those small details. If your image is looking a little flat and boring why not add some pattern, draw in some texture, or draw in some folds.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.