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STEP 1. First things first, establish yourself by drawing the core guides to create the character as a whole. DBZ characters have large flaring torsos, which actually suit their characteristics. I ALWAYS draw my guides head-to-toe. By doing so, you'll have an advantage to avoid mistakes in the future. Make sure you draw some of these circles with a compass or semi-perfect. I would recommend to use a different color for the guidelines so you'll be able to see the guides to erase later on.   STEP 2. Next, we have to draw the frame for the head and the shoulders. Android 16's armor resembles the ancient Samurai warriors of Japan. It almost seems the armor is coiling around his body like a shell. Be aware of this part, as Android 16's appearance is very robotic-like. By setting the frame of the bulk, minor details will be much easier to draw.   STEP 3. Then, we fill in the core of his hair and facial details. By working your way slowly, you'll have a better patience scale. See how the guidelines help out a bunch? The torso should wrap around the guide so you get the best fit and shape. Take care when drawing the arm as the hand can be bothersome.   STEP 4. Next, let's work on fleshing out the legs as they are important. Android 16's legs are bulky and well developed. They should be drawn with perspective acting its force. Make sure you pay attention on how the legs width from each other. Finish off his face by adding he eyes and the high cheekbone definition.   STEP 5. Lastly, draw add more definite details the hands and shoes. The shoes take about 3/4 of the leg so keep that in mind when you draw them! Minor detailing should be drawn lightly so they won't draw away attention from the unified character.   STEP 6. Here is the proposed line art that your drawing should resemble. You can go ahead and carefully erase the guides you initially drew from step one. Inking out your drawing or coloring it with Copics is probably more suitable if your working with traditional media. I hope you folks enjoyed this lesson, as I had much fun creating it! Thanks so much for viewing and peace out!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.