How to Draw an Anime Puppy

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STEP 1. Now then, Let's start with the foundations of the body. Draw an oval shape that is slanting upwards slightly for the body, and then draw a circular shape on top to make the head. Join them with a little line to mark the centre of the neck. Next draw the lines for the ears, tail, and legs, and then sketch in the guidelines for the eyes.   STEP 2. Draw part of the outline of the head next and then draw in the very basic shapes for the three "visible" legs.   STEP 3. Now you can put in those big, fluffy ears and the outline of the eyes. You will only be able to see half of the right eye if you have done it right.Also sketch the neck in.   STEP 4. This step is one of the bigger but still easy steps. You have to draw in the proper lines for the legs and draw the tail. Note that the paws in anime puppies tend to be a bit bigger than normal cartoon puppies.   STEP 5. This step is basically all the little details. Nothing major really just some fur, muscle lines, eyes, mouth, stomach etc.   STEP 6. Erase any visible guidelines and your anime puppy is ready to be coloured in!!! Have a nice day everyone!!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.