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STEP 1. First we're going to look at what makes a woman different from a man. The female body, the one on the left in both sets, has a more curved frame as the male is more straight. The female chest has a rounder shape as well while the male body seems stiffer, rougher. The female hips are wider and lower. Male hips come up higher and end lower.   STEP 2. The female body comes in different shapes and sizes and the names of the shapes are very easy to match. First we have the hourglass shape, the hips and shoulders equally wide and the waist slender, making the torso look like the name, an hourglass. Next is banana or cylinder. It's very straight, not really curving. Then we have the pear shape, the upper torso skinnier than the hips. This one is also called the triangle shape. Then there is the apple or inverted triangle. The shoulders are wider while the hips are skinny.   STEP 3. Now we'll look at the elements of the human body that makes a woman..well a woman. First we'll look at the breasts. The breasts also come in different shapes. First we have round firm breasts. Despite being bigger in size, because of how firm they are, gravity doesn't pull down on them as much. Then we have the average breast, soft and natural sagging just ever so slightly. Then there is the perky breast. They don't have as much fat, so they stay up.   STEP 4. Here is another look at the breasts, but from the sides. See how gravity pulls on the breasts each differently.   STEP 5. Next is the hips and the hind, or the booty if you will. We have flat bottoms, firm bottoms and big round bottoms. each unique.   STEP 6. Now we'll use these parts to draw us our own woman. First we'll start with a frame to work off of.   STEP 7. Next we'll put some meat on her and flesh her out so that we know how the muscles of her body are shaped.   STEP 8. Then we can work on defining her muscles and body shape, accenting her curves and features.   STEP 9. And then we can finalize the features and add the finishing details, adding a face, hair and we'll give her some clothing too. I hopes my little tips help you out. Good Luck.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.