How to Draw Dakota Fanning

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STEP 1. Class! Take your pencils and start drawing! Lightly, my peeps! ;) We're doing a three quarters view of a female--the lovely Dakota Fanning! First start with a rectangle that is higher than wide. Draw an oval, maybe even slanted as pictured, a little below the center of the rectangle.   STEP 2. Draw a slanted line from the cranium (forehead) to chin. The jawline I drew slants upward a little to the right. I find these graphic guidelines helps with the mass of the head. So your picture will appear more realistic.   STEP 3. Draw an oval like in the picture inside the right half of the first oval. At the halfway mark between distance of top of head and bottom of chin, make a line. That is the placement for center of eyes. At the top for eyebrows draw a horizontal line (blue). Also where the cheekbones would be draw a horizontal line (blue). Draw two slanted lines down from eyebrows and one connecting (red)for bridge of nose. Erase the extra lines outside the profile.   STEP 4. Find the hairline and divide her face horizontally into three equal parts--hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to bottom of nose, and bottom of nose to chin. Draw or sketch the planes of the nose.   STEP 5. Copy this drawing guide by dividing the lower third of the face into thirds again to locate the mouth. And draw lines to locate the ear. You can take the planes of bottom of nose, slant it up toward the ear, which helps with the ear placement.   STEP 6. Without the red marks, your picture could look like this... sketchy. Form the basic outlines of eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. I've added a hint of hair to remind me that I'm drawing Dakota.   STEP 7. As you sketch, erase the guidelines and continue to add outlines, defining her features even more. Notice I've added lines to her hair, showing me where the hair flows. Using lots of soft lines in the direction of the hair makes it more realistic. Then you can darken or lighten where needed. Also that round ball on her nose is just a guide... to help me shade and form it.   STEP 8. Now you're feeling good because she's almost done. You're shading darker, adding more lines and shadows. In the dark areas where light parts of her hair shows through, take your little kneaded eraser and draw those white hairlines! You can also draw in your highlights too! Sooooo cool!   STEP 9. It's the finale. You've shaded in more. And don't forget to take a tissue or blender to gently blend in your shading. Hey, keep going because you will happily surprise yourself with the results of How To Draw Dakota Fanning. Watch for more of my tutorials because I'm having a blast! I hope you are too. Let me know. Comment or vote... your action will make this tutorial more worth while! Thank you!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.