How to Draw Chibi Mad Hatter

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STEP 1. First, draw a simple chibi head. It doesn't have to be anatomically correct, because that's what chibis aren't. What I have here is basically a large circle, and a little "bump" on the side for cheeks. Then I drew a really simple skeleton to help me with posing. Don't be afraid to have a reference for the pose you want, it really helps.   STEP 2. The first thing I start with are his clothes. I start with his bow. I make it larger because with chibis, you can get away with lots of exaggerations.   STEP 3. Then I start on his coat and vest. You can see here that I didn't draw his whole coat. Because of the large bow, it's covering some parts of the coat, so I don't have to draw them, because if I did, I'd have to erase them later anyway. I drew everything on a slight slant because according to my skeleton, his chest is protruding out a tiny bit. He's not standing completely straight.   STEP 4. The same thing here with the pants. I practically didn't draw the whole pant on the right side because the coat is covering it. Saves me time and energy! I'm still following the skeleton for my pose. You don't have to follow the skeleton to perfection! It's only there as a guideline.   STEP 5. I'm pretty much done with the body, so I erase the skeleton. It looks neater now! I add a giant top hat. Again, don't be afraid to exaggerate. His hat was huge, anyway.   STEP 6. In this step here, I add on all the craziness he had on himself. A large ribbon on his hat, random ribbons in his pockets, and a belt thing across his shoulder. You can add more if you'd like, I just drew what I saw from the images I used as references.   STEP 7. I erased the unneeded stuff and drew on more craziness. The signature 10/6 card, and random pins. Even a peacock feather. You can add more random stuff if you'd like. This is just what Tim Burton's Mad Hatter had on.   STEP 8. Practically done! I decided to add a teacup since he likes tea time. For his hair and eyebrows, I kind of drew wings. But before I drew the eyebrows, I drew the eyes first. I gave him lots of lashes because the Mad Hatter had quite a lot of it. Following the curve of the eyes, I drew the eyebrows accordingly. I then drew a simple mouth. Gave him teeth with a gap in the middle.   STEP 9. Change the color of your lines if you have to, and you're done! You've got yourself a chibi Mad Hatter! Have fun with it and go crazy with other accessories and so forth. He is mad after all~   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.