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STEP 1. Identify the type of character your drawing is going for. In this one, I was striving for a more calm character, even though it could vary. After you have identified it, how will the head shape be? If you're going for a more gentle person, the eyes will probably have a downward tilt to them at the ends, the chin will slope gently, and everything will look refined. For a more wily character, you may make them have wild; carefree hair with a rougish charisma (you can't help but love them). Try to strive for one word that can describe that person, and make your appearance based on that. (Sorry for the mouthful, this step is almost finished) For this character, the eyes have an upward tilt to them and if drawn right, it'll look like she is nearly bouncing with held in energy. Sidenote: For the image I DID NOT use my own image, I used an example of who I'd count as a Gentle character. (Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite)   STEP 2. For step 2, draw a basic egg shape for the head (before you draw the guidelines), and get it to the shape you want. The features will be added in later as we are only focusing on the general shape of the head right now. The line going straight through the head divides it in half, and the two lines that are tilting show where the eyes will be. The closer together the lines, the smaller the eyes and vice verca. The head doesn't need to be perfect on this step, just try to get it close to mirroring the other side.   STEP 3. (By accident I deleted my earlier step TT-TT) Let's try to bring step what used to be 3 and 4 together! After making the guidelines.. (That big circle in the middle shows the distance between the eyes, the 4 dark lines you see there shows how wide the eyes are, the nose is directly below the second guideline, and the mouth is almost directly below that. I will go more in depth on how to draw the eyes on my next tut, as this focuses on the face.)   STEP 4. K! Thankfully the last picture was still saved.. Continuing! Where the guidelines for the eyes used to be, I have each eye meeting the points (almost at least). To draw the eyes, first draw the upper eyelid, than the eye itself (I prefer my eyes BIG), then after you have the shape of the eye, the lower eyelid. Where the guideline for the nose was, I indicated the bottom part of it and drew the shape of the mouth.   STEP 5. Darken the eyelashes, draw where the eye shines will be. This is the last step (other than erasing the guidelines of course). I'm not going to draw the hair, but I am including the neck. The neck curves down from the base of the head (CAREFUL, don't make it too thin or thick; thin is the problem for me) I also drew the basic shape of the ears which I then drew details into. After you erase the guidelines, you now have your manga head!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.