How to Draw Chibi Po

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STEP 1. Start by making a large circle for Po's head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then make a smaller circle for the body.   STEP 2. Sketch out the actual shape of his face like you see here, and his body. Once that is all done you can draw in the eye lines which is also the brows. Next, draw the nose tip like you see here.   STEP 3. Now draw out the actual eyes and make sure that you draw the round mask like shape that surrounds the eye. This area will be colored in black. Next, make the mouth or upper lip, and then draw out the ears, arms, and his small fists.   STEP 4. Color in the panda black, and then finish draw out the mouth and chin like so. Don't forget to draw the teeth, and then add inside detailing to the ears. Draw the eyebrows, and his shorts or pants before you move to the last step.   STEP 5. Finish off this chibi version of Po by drawing out the waist band, and then his legs and small feet. Add the cloth wrapping around the ankles, and then draw in the toe nails. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 6. Here is what your drawing comes out looking like once you have finished drawing the chibi version of Po. Color him in and add him to your sketch book collection.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.